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Business Growth & Foundation

For Corporate structuring, count on TBG Consulting, LLC to provide the right tools and techniques you need to tailor a plan towards addressing your company's continued growth. We research your business idea and determine how it can be developed into a feasible and successful company.

Business Plan

Your business plan needs to be dynamic and detailed. We help you prepare your plan with care and attention. You will be able to use it for many purposes, including:

• To Continually Fine-Tune Your Actual Business Start-Up
• Obtaining Financing, Even If It Is Only for Family Members
• Presenting Your Business Ideas To Potential Shareholders, Employees, Investors, Suppliers, & Other Businesspeople
• Helping Guide You Through the Process Of Starting a Successful Business

If you take shortcuts in researching, thinking about, or preparing your business plan, your path to success will become an everyday struggle. You can skip the stress and let us help you form your business into a C-Corp and LLC enterprise.

Change Management Consulting

We can serve as the change agent by assisting you with challenging situations and the resistance that seems to accompany changing times. Participants will learn why some organizations grow, while others die. TBG recognizes that change will occur. We understand that change is a departure from the status quo.

It implies movement toward a goal, an idealized state, or a vision of what should be and moves away from present conditions, beliefs, or attitudes. The flow of change is as natural and unavoidable as the flow of time. In thinking about change, participants need to realize that change isn't good or bad. We will assist organizations to identify the causes of change and its driving forces.

The purpose of our change management consulting is to:
1. Provide a focus on helping employees find acknowledgment and address change.
2. Minimize the negative resistance associated with change.


The right coach brings out your best consistently, and that is the goal of our business coaching. The purpose of our coaching is to help business owners set larger, more rewarding personal and professional goals. Coaching helps executives improve their performance and enhance their quality of life. It works because of three unique features: synergy, structure, and expertise.

Synergy occurs by the client and the coach becoming a team, focusing on the client's goals and needs and accomplishing more than the client would alone. The structure provided by the coach enables the client to take more actions, think bigger, and get the job done thanks to accountability, which the coach provides. Lastly, the coach provides expertise that helps entrepreneurs make more money, make better decisions, set the best goals, and restructure their professional and personal lives for maximum productivity.

TBG coaches have a track record for helping clients accomplish goals and will keep the client feeling good and motivated to act. We will target three types of clients:

1.) Entrepreneurs and small office professionals who are ready to do what it takes to reach desired goals.
2.) Individuals who are making substantial changes in their personal and professional lives.
3.) Individuals who are working on an important project.

Business Woman

Leadership Development

TBG defines leadership development as the expansion of a person's capacity to be effective in leadership roles and processes. Our team offers customized leadership training programs to help companies become more effective. The leadership development training is based on each client's skill level. Leadership development is another way to implement change, and we believe that if an organization selects a leader whose beliefs are in line with its intended direction for change, the organization's strategic direction will be changed. Intervening in the learning, growth, and change processes of individuals can enhance leadership development.


Marketing involves getting the business advertised to the public via different communication systems. Here at TBG, we provide an aggressive marketing campaign for our clients. We help businesses grow at a rate consistent with their capacity to expand. It involves areas such as branding, brochures, business card development, networking, and web page development.


Avoid unnecessary litigation or conflict with our top-tier mediation services. We define mediation as two or more people in conflict, or in a potential conflict, engaging an independent trained mediator to help resolve their concerns. Mediation is a process whereby a trained and skilled mediator attempts to help individuals involved in a dispute reach a settlement of their differences by agreement, instead of relying upon a decision imposed upon them by a third party.

The mediator's job is to help the participants identify issues and explore available options for resolving these issues. We teach individuals and organizations ways to defuse conflict, thus reducing the potential for violence.